Inside the Studio


Paula Erraught is a mixed media artist and founder of Artlife.  Her studio on the 2nd floor of The Chocolate Factory is a vibrant inspiring space full of art materials, books and curios gathered over decades of creative exploration.

Her work practice, as a mixed media artist involves various techniques including painting, printing, collage and gilding.Progressing from macro to micro, she initially creates a ground which is then layered with hand painting and print. Paula likes to maintain an experimental approach, allowing space for chance and fluidity in her creative process. Her aim is to be simultaneously abstract and representational, embracing both possibilities. Themes such as the natural world, the elements and spirituality are all central to her art as is the importance of texture, time and patina. Time also plays a part in her practice in that she works on several pieces simultaneously, each at a various stage of development. In this way, a body of work can take from months to years to complete.