Forest canopy

A forest walk is an immersive experience, rich in texture, shape, colour and hue. It can awaken the senses, perhaps reminiscent of childhood wonder or worlds within fairy tales. Evoking a timeless otherworldly sensation.

For Forest Canopy our aim is to let these natural elements feel as if they have subtly and gracefully slipped in. The backdrop, the styling of the space which we create, is composed of elements such as moss, lichen-covered twigs, fern, ivy, broom, seasonal wildflower and herbs.

A foraged branch is our go-to object. When placed inside, it has an immediate impact. We like to use We lie to use branches to create our Forest Chandeliers. These large statement pieces, suspended from the wonderfully high ceiling of the space, can connect with the smaller arrangements: in corners, against pillars, and amongst the assemblages. This makes things feel more experiential. We use cut greenery from the landscape and stuff them into the cracks in the walls. When available herbs bring a little olfactory sensory delight.

Atmospheric lighting: glass terrariums, old mirrors, glass droplets with tealights and candles illuminate the scene.