Ink Cloud

For Ink Cloud we use Sumi-e, a type of ink traditionally used in some East Asian cultures for calligraphy and brush painting.

Marbling with Sumi-e ink is created when ink, floated on the surface of water, is transferred to rice paper. The process has a meditative quality watching the ink radiating outward forming patterns. Each marbled design is unpredictable and extraordinarily beautiful.


The black and tonal scale of the Sumi-e pairs perfectly with the silver leaf. We combine these elements in our folding screens to act as an elegant backdrop for a ceremony area or as part of an installation.

Silver and gold are a great compliment to Sumi-e, again modern and timeless. Our large scale gilded circle hangings (in silver, gold and copper leaf on white canvas) are designed to enhance the play of light within the room. They add a gentle luminous glow. The reflections change with the time of day, the seasons, natural and atmospheric lighting. We like to use old mirrors, glass and silver platters, ample candlelight in glass jars and storm lanterns.


The delicate paper hangings are suspended from baboo and dressed with cascading fabrics. These can be translucent or sheer. We also like to use taffeta as the watermark pattern and subtle sheen in this fabric reflects the radiating lines in the Sumi-e.


Hung at ceiling and wall levels or as a translucent hanging over windows. The artworks fluctuate gently in the room creating an atmosphere which is light and graceful. This can be subtle or styled to create a statement piece.


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