My art  college training in Printed Textile Design gave me a love of fabrics and the infinite world of colour combinations, texture and pattern.

I have learned much from working with old fabrics, be they precious and exquisite or simple and every day. Listening to the stories they tell can be the framework for an entire event.

I recently acquired a beautiful swathe of antique lace and have used it as inspiration to create a series of waxed paper and tissue banners. They can be used in a variety of ways within the space. For example, suspended at ceiling level to evoke a graceful floating canopy or draped and combined with sheer and semi-opaque fabrics to frame the ceremony area or used to delineate spaces.

The work was created in layers by printing, painting and collaging on wax paper and tissue. Using ingredients such as bronze powder, chalk, mica, gold and silver leaf, the feel is feminine and romantic. We work to enhance the space but not to overwhelm it, so as to allow the architecture of the industrial space to act as the frame.

These overhead installations and hangings can connect to smaller arrangements within the space, perhaps as part of table centrepieces or within assemblages. Our aim is to work with the client to create a unique curated experience.

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