Wild Rose


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Wild Rose is inspired by the roses my mother Sheila grew in her garden in Rathmines. No visitor ever left the house without an armful of flowers, casually but exquisitely layered with greenery and wrapped in the papers she saved.

I don’t know the name of the roses she grew but remember the colours, the fragrance, the almost liquid beauty and translucence of the petals, tea coloured, red, pink and white together with green and blue-green foliage. Those sensory memories are never forgotten.

I like how partially transparent objects, such as petals seem to hover between being a real object and a memory of one. They almost lose their sense of familiarity and become abstract.

The Wild Rose installation is made up of dyed tissue, some embedded with dried foliage. I lie to bunch and twist and allow the tissue, combined with fresh botanicals and sheer fabrics to fall in the same self-organised, organic fashion of Sheila’s bouquets.

These arrangements can work in a variety of ways within the space. For example, as a backdrop to the ceremony, to frame a string quartet, by topping pillars like crowns above cascading sheer fabrics or perhaps combined with fresh botanicals as table centrepieces or as a part of assemblages. Whether a statement piece or a touch, the mood is fresh and luminous, brought to life by atmospheric lighting, creating a chromatic alchemy to set the stage for the event.


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